With summer approaching and, knowing that temperatures with spike, you may be starting to prepare your swimming pool for the season. In this process, you might notice that you’re having to refill your pool more frequently than normal. If this is the case, you might have a leak in your pool.

If you suspect pool leaks, see below five ways you can use to test it and see if you’re correct.

Rule Out Pool Leaks First

If your pool has lower water levels, you should first eliminate other causes to eliminate a leak as a potential reason for this. For example, if swimmers, especially kids, are splashing and jumping in, it could mean the levels are decreasing quickly and not being replenished. Another cause could be evaporation, and one way to test this is with the bucket test.

The Bucket Test

To test whether evaporation is the real culprit, place a bucket on the second or third step in the pool. Fill it with water and make a note of the level with tape or a marker. Check it 24 to 48 hours later and, if levels in the bucket and pool decreased similarly, there’s no leak. 

Test With The Filter

To rule out whether the leak is in the plumbing, test your pool’s water level using the filter. Compare the decrease in water level in your pool, depending on the filter’s activity. If the water decreases vastly when the filter and equipment are on, that’s likely where the leak is.

Use The Dye Test

Another way to test for a leak is to take a close look at its shell. If you see a crack or tear, use an eye-dropper with a pH testing solution. Drop the solution near the crack, and if the dye goes directly into the crack, that’s probably the source of your leak.

Contact A Professional For Stubborn Pool Leaks

If you’ve conducted various tests for pool leaks and still haven’t identified the cause of your low water levels, contact your pool contractor. They can pinpoint what’s happening with your pool so you can enjoy a fun summer with no stress about a leak.

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