As a pool owner, one of your main priorities is maintenance and keeping your pool clean. And, as a key part of your maintenance, a pool pump keeps your water healthy and pristine.

Read on for six things to know about your pool pump, including how often to run it.

Run Your Pool Pumps Once A Day

To ensure your pool is getting proper water circulation, it’s crucial to run the pump once daily. This will prevent water problems from developing in the future, such as algae. If water becomes stagnant or too warm, it can spell trouble for the health of your pool.

Keep tabs on your pump’s turnover

If you’re trying to determine how long you should run your pool pump for, daily, examine your pump’s turnover rate. A pool’s turnover is the rate that a pump can circulate all the pool’s water through the filter. In order to calculate this, divide the pool’s volume by its filtration rate, then multiply by two.

Know the pool’s volume

In order to determine the turnover rate, you’ll need to know your pool’s volume. Determine it by consulting your pool contractor or calculating using your pool’s length, depth, and water amount by cubic foot, and width. By multiplying all the numbers together, you’ll arrive at your pool’s volume.

The amount you run the pump depends on the season

When it comes to the amount of time you should run your pool, it depends on the time of year. If it’s summertime, it’s a good idea to run your pump for longer, since the pool is likely being used frequently. During the colder months, it’s fine to shorten the time your pump is running because bacteria aren’t as prevalent. 

Your filter’s size factors in

Another element to consider when determining how often to run your pump is its size. If your filter is large, you may not need to run it as often. This, in turn, could save you money when it comes to your power bill.

You can take simple steps to save money

Pool pumps typically go through two-to-three cycles per day, which can mean high costs. However, you can take measures to save money while maintaining your pool. Showering before swimming, investing in a pool timer, and even cutting the cycle down to one, can help.

For more on pool pumps and other pool maintenance tips, check out some of our other awesome blog content or get in touch with us, today, to find out more about our selection of custom pools.

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