If you’re thinking of building a swimming pool, you likely have made many considerations. And the first thing to decide is the type of pool you need. If you’re an active swimmer who anticipates using the pool for laps or diving, you’ll need a certain design. If you need an active pool, there are a few different options to think about.

See below three different active pool designs to consider when developing the best pool for your needs as a swimmer at any level.

Diving Pools Are All About Safety

With a diving pool, the biggest priority and concern is safety. While a diving board is fun for playing and practicing, certain elements need to be put into place. This means ensuring the pool is deep enough, typically eight feet, and some pool owners even consider competitive diving requirements.

Lap Pools Are Perfect For Dedicated Swimmers

If you’re a swimmer, either competitive or for exercise, a lap pool is a great choice. These pools are designed to shorten the number of turns a swimmer makes. Lap pools can help your finances and save money, as they typically require lower water volumes than other pool types.

Consider A Sports Pool For Fun And Games

If you’re seeking an active pool, a sports pool might be a good choice. They have two shallow ends with a deep center, making them ideal for sports like basketball, volleyball, and more. Some pool owners incorporate special designs with sports pools, and like lap pools, they can save money.

Choosing The Best Pool For Your Needs

If you’re considering building a pool, the type of pool can make all the difference when it comes to your lifestyle. Contact us at Artesian Pools today and consult with one of our pool specialists. They will help guide you toward the best pool type for your lifestyle and home.

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