It is finally fall season. We are all busy getting out our sweaters and scarves, our mittens and booties. And cooler weather couldn’t have come at a better time. This past summer was hit with record heat, and the only relief was our backyard swimming pool. Unless this year went by like the others past and you, once again, failed to get in those swimming lessons on your resolutions list. It’s never too late, though, so let’s look at why fall is the best time to learn to swim. 


Swimming can actually help us in many ways in the fall. Take, for instance, the onslaught of stress from the holidays, time changes, and the seasonal depression we all feel. Swimming and many other physical activities can help combat the doldrums of the season. 

5 Reasons To Get In The Pool In The Fall

  1. ‘No Stress’ Lessons: There really shouldn’t be any stress in taking lessons in the fall. This is downtime for swimming with friends, and you can easily get comfortable in the water so that, by spring, you’ll be ready for fun in the sun.

  2. Exercise: Swimming offers a high intensity yet low impact workout. According to many exercise enthusiasts, swimming is the best cardiovascular workout. It’s also easier on the joints and bones, so pain and all gain.

  3. Caribbean Vacations: Another reason to learn how to swim is a travel trip to the Caribbean. You could feel confident, for once, booking that snorkel excursion and seeing your favorite undersea creatures.

  4. New Activity: We all hear that adults need to keep their minds fresh into their golden years. This is a great way to broaden your mind while staying physical, making it a win-win scenario.

  5. Socialization: When we take lessons in any field, we meet people who could become our next best friends. It’s always interesting and easier to meet others who share commonalities with us. 

Take the plunge and get out there for your swim lessons, this fall. Once you’re comfortable swimming like a fish, call on Artesian Pools Orlando to custom build your swimming pool. By summer, you’ll be the most popular person in your neighborhood, guaranteed.

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